At Maple Tree Academy we believe that children gain the greatest knowledge through hands on, active learning that encourages their innate curiosity. This philosophy is based on the Montessori Method of teaching which was built on observations of how young children learn the best. The Montessori Method emphasizes:


  • Problem solving through critical thinking
  • Student initiated activities selected from carefully planned curriculum offerings
  • Flexible pacing based on each individual child's abilities
  • Freedom of movement in the classroom designed to eliminate boredom
  • Specially chosen mixed age groupings that allow children to teach and learn from each other
  • Rules which promote respect for peers, teachers and the environment


Students taught using the Montessori Method often outperform those taught with more traditional methods.


"We could never begin to imagine what it takes to make Maple Tree run as smoothly as it does. Nor could there be words or gifts enough to express our gratitude. We are so grateful that the teachers do what they do each day, aiding our boys to grow into the amazing little humans that they are becoming. With many thanks, from the bottom of our hearts."

Parent of Maple Tree Academy
"I wanted to thank you again for the workshop. I found it very helpful. I told my husband all about it when I got home and both of us are really excited to work with our daughter along with her teachers. Your such an inspiring teacher, as is the rest of your staff and we couldn't be happier to have found Maple Tree Academy. Our daughter is so lucky to be set up for success so early."

Parent of Maple Tree Academy