The Maple Tree Method
  • Four 3 Week Sessions
  • Flexible Enrollment
  • For Children 15 months to 6 years
  • Experienced, Qualified Teachers
  • Academic and Creative Activities
  • Field Trips

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Summer Program

Session 1
Healthy Me
Healthy eating, active lifestyle, and stress free living is the focus of this session. Lessons include planning, planting and tending a Garden, Cooking Classes with healthy food choices, a study of the food pyramid, Maple Tree Olympic Games and creating a personal stress free plan.

Session 2
The Fine Arts
Dance, Theater and Art: Let your little star shine! Children will study various techniques in the fields of dance, theater and art. The children will participate in rhythmic movement to music and the exploration of cultural dance, as well as dance used to express ideas or tell a story. Story telling theater as well as improvisation will be explored, with each child having the opportunity to perform. The children will participate in the visual arts through the study of various artists and their techniques.

Session 3
The Mighty Lego
This session will enrich students' understanding of Simple Machines, renewable resources, and the Locomotive world through the use and manipulation of Legos. Children will participate in the planning and construction of powered Lego creations.

Session 4
Science and the Universe
Scientific study of weather, climate, and other aspects of the atmosphere. Children will also explore planetary science; including the study of the solar system, star systems and other celestial bodies. Scientific Methods of Experimentation will be introduced and will include a moon atmosphere simulation and the inner workings of volcanoes.


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